“I avoid dealing with my paperwork. There’s no excuse. I just don’t do it. The thought of having to sift through websites, paper, and sit on the phone with someone to handle bills, loans, etc. is almost as bad as eating poop.” …

“It’s gonna take a radical solution. We know that programming, education, income alone is not going to…. close the racial wealth divide.” Leon Garnett, COO of Byrd Barr Place and member of the Seattle Community of Practice of the AAFCI

We’ve been thinking about “hard work” and “working hard” a lot lately and what it really means.

One of the running themes in our podcast interviews…

Two years ago, we aired our 100th episode of the Brunch & Budget Podcast on Bondfire Radio. In a few months, we’ll be releasing our 200th episode. We’ve learned a lot over the last 200 shows, but what we discussed for the 100th show still rings true today.

The world…

The phrase “White privilege” has almost become fighting words for a lot of White people.

I read piece after piece of People of Color (POC) trying to explain what it means to have privilege as a White American (sometimes in direct response to a slightly antagonistic request from a White…

Today I want to talk about luck. It’s what got me to where I am today.

I want to talk about luck because luck is interesting. It’s a mystery. It’s this unpredictable confluence of timing, preparation, opportunity, and coincidence that puts you in the right place at the right time.

It happened out of nowhere, like it usually does.

I was doing some research for a podcast episode on “How to Sell Without Feeling Like a Salesperson.”

One of the top hits that popped up was an article of a popular blog for online entrepreneurs. I’d heard of him before…

Pamela Capalad

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